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     The cost of an auto accident only begins with the immediate medical costs. The experienced personal injury attorneys at Dillon and Dillon, PLC can help you not only recover, but also accurately calculate the full cost of your personal injury, including future medical costs, lost wages, pain and suffering, and other out of pocket expenses.


     Fault in an auto accident can lie with many different factors. The assistance of an attorney is valuable when it is clear that the negligence or inattention of another driver caused the accident you were involved in, and even more valuable when the fault is less than clear. Our firm’s auto-accident attorneys will guide you through the laws governing your individual situation, within the context of Michigan’s no-fault insurance laws.


     Dillon and Dillon, PLC has been committed to helping Michigan residents since 1992. When you schedule a consultation with one of our auto accident attorneys you be assured you are meeting with a member of our staff, not someone who has paid us a commission for your case. Our attorneys are members of a community, looking to serve the community by helping you through this difficult time.

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