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Family Law


     As you can tell by the name, Dillon & Dillon, PLC is a law firm founded and run by family. From personal experience, we know how important family is. From professional experience, we how much work it can be to legally protect your family in both the good times and the bad. That’s why the family law attorneys here at Dillon & Dillon, PLC are committed helping you protect your family despite the circumstances.


     No one gets married with the intention of getting divorced, and yet it is estimated that fifty percent of all marriages end in divorce. The divorce process generally involves reaching agreements or obtaining court rulings on the following issues:


  • The Division of Real and Personal Property (and Debt)

  • Child Custody, Parenting Time, and Child Support

  • Spousal Support (Alimony


     The negative behaviors of one or both parties to the marriage (fault) can affect some or all of these issues. However, it should be remembered that it is not necessary to prove "fault" in order to obtain a divorce.


     If both parties agree to the divorce and the outcome of the above issues, the divorce may be uncontested and the role of an attorney can be limited. If agreement does not exist on any or all issues, then traditional or collaborative divorce proceedings must be pursued and it is in the best interest of each party to retain a family law attorney. In such instance, is is often a good idea to have orders entered in the case at the begnning whereby assets are 'frozen' and the status quo maintained.


     The Family Law attorneys at Dillon & Dillon, PLC have experience with all forms of divorce proceedings, and will always put representation of our clients first. At the same time, we strive to lessen the impact of divorce on the family as a whole. This means considering all options, from collaboration to litigation.


     Divorce issues like division of property and child custody are best decided in an environment of dignity and respect. Therefore, we encourage all of our clients to consider these possibilities, and a prenuptial agreement, before getting married.

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