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Employment Law


     Everyone deserves the dignity of earning a living, but what happens when the workplace strips an employee of this dignity? The employment attorneys at Dillon & Dillon, PLC can guide you through the many state employment laws and federal employment laws which protect your rights while earning a living.


     Fundamental employment law protects employees from both discrimination and retaliation based on age, race, family responsibilities, disability, sexual orientation, national origin, or political affiliation. These laws not only apply to hiring, termination, compensation and promotion, but also extend to treatment while on the job. Harassment or a hostile work environment can take many forms, and the law surrounding what does or does not constitute harassment or hostility can be relative to an individual employee’s situation.


     Are you suffering from a clear employment law violation like withholding of pay or commissions? Or are you dealing with a more nuanced hostile work environment? No matter the problem, the employment attorneys at Dillon & Dillon, PLC will tell you where you stand in the eyes of the law and, most importantly, what your options are.

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